We’ve had over a thousand satisfied customers. Here’s what some of them are saying about Paradigm.

Tom & Susie Cannon, Glenelg, MD

We had spoken to multiple lenders and brokerage firms prior to calling Paradigm Mortgage Services, but none showed the level of customer care and service that Mr. Van Dyke did. He took a great deal of time to explain the timeline, process, benefits, and risks associated with a conventional loan relative to an adjustable rate mortgage.

Rather than rush us through the process in order to quickly move on to the next customer, he offered his advice on what he felt the market may or may not do, and gave us some valuable guidance to allow us to make an educated decision. Paradigm was able to save us $400 per month, and put some extra cash in our hands! You offer an extremely valuable service, and have a top-notch staff.

Rob Burns, Chevy Chase, MD

Lauren and I really appreciated how you kept us on track and made sure everything went smoothly. Your organization and follow up made the process as easy as possible. I have referred a few of my family members to work with you and they have been equally impressed.

Jim Kelly & Betsy Markey, Kensington, MD

We had been trying to sell our house for months with no offers. We decided to try again when the market opened up. Paradigm offered a free refinancing to an adjustable rate mortgage, which saved us over $385 each month for the next year, giving us a chance to use our money for other projects.

John & Liz Koby, Silver Spring, MD

After buying our home, we were introduced to a loan supplier located in the real estate office. After receiving his best offer, we called Paradigm. Paradigm offered us a mortgage at the same interest rate but cost one and a half points less which saved us more than $3,500 at settlement