An Employee Benefit Program

Paradigm offers a competitive corporate partnership program designed to assist your employees with all aspects of financing their most important investment. Since 1991, we have consistently offered mortgage solutions to our clients (while many other companies have come and gone with interest rate fluctuations). When you partner with Paradigm, your employees benefit from the personal service and flexibility that can uniquely be offered through our relationships with over a dozen different lenders.

Program Benefits

  • For the Company
    • Adds a valuable employee fringe benefit
    • Easy and costless implementation
  • For the Employee
    • Consultation with Senior Level Executive
    • Access to the most competitive market rates
    • Lower costs – discounts & rebates
    • Lunch & Learn Mortgage Seminar – Valuable educational information

Concierge Mortgage Program – Superior Service

  • Responsive – At your employee’s convenience
  • Consultative – Assessing needs & preferences
  • Pricing – State of the Art pricing software resulting in best market pricing
  • Options – Offering a wide variety of programs
  • Attention – Assistance navigating the process
  • Services – Mortgage reviews, property valuations, credit analysis

Offered Services

  • Lunch & Learn Seminar
    • Providing valuable educational information
    • Overview of mortgage process
    • Purchasing Power Analysis
    • Refinancing Analysis
  • First Time Home Buyers ServicesQualification Analysis
    • Pre-Approvals
    • Lock-n-Shop with Rate Float Down
  • Introduction to Concierge Program
    • Email & personal call – Informational only
    • Additional communication is up to employees
    • Mortgage Review at employee’s request

Question 1: What is it?

A mortgage loan assistance program that may be offered to your employees as part of their benefit package.

Question 2: Why should my company be interested?

The program allows a company to offer mortgage assistance as part of their employee benefit at no additional cost to the company.

Question 3: How does it help our employees?

Here are the program’s features:

  • No out-of-pocket costs or application fees
  • A dedicated and experienced mortgage team to answer questions and process applications
  • No cost or obligation mortgage consulting onsite or in our office
  • Quick, thoughtful, educated answers to questions – solutions to problems
  • Paradigm’s promise to be a trusted ally

Question 4: What’s the catch?

No catch! We know that when you partner with Paradigm your employees will get their best mortgage and share their satisfaction with others. Good for you. Good for your employees. Good for us.